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What is your Credit Rating?

With our Motorcycle finance calculator you can get an instant estimate based on the amount you borrow, the period of the loan, and your personal credit score. Not sure of your credit rating? See below for our guide.


Choose this one if you have a near perfect credit history of meeting your mortgage repayments and credit card bills on time, and never going over your credit limit. You’ll be registered on the local electoral role and will have lived at the same address for many years. With this kind of credit score, you can expect to be offered the most competitive rates available.


Not quite excellent due to one or two missed or late loan repayments in the past, but overall a good record with no County Court Judgements to your name. You will also have lived in your present home for a number of years and your name appear on the voters’ role. With this credit score, you will be offered attractive loan rates.


With a fair to average credit score you can expect to pay a moderate rate on your motorcycle loan based on your present income and other financial commitments. You may have exceeded set credit limits before and defaulted on a mortgage or credit card payment. Also choose this score if you have County Court Judgements and have moved home a few times in recent years.


Select this credit score if you have been late or missed loan repayments several times in the past and if you have frequently gone over your credit card limit. You may also have more than one County Court Judgement and have been officially declared bankrupt previously. Perhaps you have a record of regularly changing addresses. With this score any loan you’re offered is likely to attract a higher APR.


Your application may still be successful but you can expect to pay high interest rates.